Some final words

It seems like forever since we've last written here. Family matters had drawn us both home after our last blog entry from Vancouver. It was quite a surprise to everyone at home. We had made up our minds pretty spontaneously and booked a flight back home within 5 days. Imagine the look on the face of Laura's mum when we suddenly stood in the doorway, completely unexpected...


For us it felt quite right to finish this incredible journey, which had taken us over 4 continents, together back home where it started. We've seen some of the most fascinating landscapes of our lives so far and put our minds and bodies through harder situations than we thought we could bear. But it's the encounters with wonderful, trusting, hospitable and amazing people we'll remember most. A big thank you to everyone who opened their hearts and homes to us, who kept following up with our journey by reading our stories or skipping through our photos, by keeping in touch via Email, WhatsApp or messages! Many people have asked us about the highlight of our adventure. This would make a very long list to be fair, there have been too many highlights in these last 13 months. Would we do it again? Anytime! 


Christina has now returned to Freiburg to start working again in November. Meanwhile, Laura got back in the saddle to head off to Spain by herself. Learning from a fellow cyclist in Vancouver, that there is a ferry from England to Northern Spain, the route was fixed quickly. But more on that next time. For now, we will end this post with a few pictures - some known, some yet unknown to you - from all of the four continents we cycled in during these last 13 months. 


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